Chris (imrield) wrote,

Dark Power Rising

Sin I didn't care for,
But a sin that paid my debts

It took me years to actually cave and acquire a credit card. I have long viewed them with suspicion and emphatic frowny faces. So seductive and easy to use and it doesn't judge you if you don't want to stay and cuddle.

Anyhow, since getting one I had not, until now, touched it. It was an uneasy state of detante. A state now broken. Credit cards are crack. I sit here admiring a granny smith apple. It is green and tasty. I could eat it. Or I could go buy five hundred bucks worth of books on Amazon.

Okay, so that's a really geeky way to throw money around, but what did you expect, that I'd go clothes shopping?

Let me make a preemptive strike on this one. Nick, Andre, Luke, and possibly Dave - shut up.

Perhaps the most worrisome part of this whole spending ordeal was that in choosing between cellphones I totally got sucked into their warped schemes. I went into this process thinking "I require a communications device, nothing more - no random crap". All of a sudden I find myself scoffing at one model because it only has a 0.3 megapixel camera instead of the much sexier 2.0 on a pricier phone. I didn't even know what a fucking megapixel was before that. Here I am thinking I'm some lofty intellectual above their base and morally bankrupt marketing and next thing you know I'm scraping along the ground right in the throng of the great unwashed to lick their blood-stained boot heels begging for three more fucking megabytes of storage capacity.

More news of random stuff will be forthcoming. One item right away -

There will be a BASEBALL GAME organized soon involving lots of lovely people. Currently I am attempting to strike up a dialogue with Andre and Erika to hammer out the details, although Andre as per usual is slow to respond to my entreaties. Stay tuned however, we want lots of people to show up. Go find your baseball gloves, or go steal some from kids at the park. Don't worry about it, kids can't run that fast.

Is entreaties even a word?

I think it is.
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