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Why can't he post at 6 pm like all the other boys and girls?

He's a loser
I don't understand my growing love for Static-X. Such things are supposed to happen in teenage years, not mid-twenties. Oh well. Arrested development perhaps?

Things are going well. I had to go back and reread "The Sun Also Rises" to remember that whole writing thing in a meta sort of way. The purpose with which Hemingway writes almost every paragraph is so impressive. To have that level of mastery at such a young age well... it's no wonder he never equaled that first novel. It's something else.

Andre said it was boring though. At least, as much of it as he could be bothered to read. I think he murdered a small part of me at that moment. But screw you Dre. THIS is awesome:

"You talk sort of bitter."
"Sorry. I didn't mean to. I was just trying to give you the facts."
"I don't believe she would marry anybody she didn't love."
"Well," I said. "She's done it twice."
"I don't believe it."
"Well,"I said, "don't ask me a lot of fool questions if you don't like the answers."
"I didn't ask you that."
"You asked me what I knew about Brett Ashley."
"I didn't ask you to insult her."
"Oh, go to hell."
He stood up from the table his face white, and stood there white and angry behind the little plates of hors d'oeuvres.
"Sit down," I said. "Don't be a fool."
"You've got to take that back."
"Oh, cut out the prep-school stuff."
"Take it back."
"Sure. Anything. I never heard of Brett Ashley. How's that?"
"No. Not that. About me going to hell."
"Oh, don't go to hell," I said. "Stick around. We're just starting lunch."
Cohn smiled again and sat down. He seemed glad to sit down. What the hell would he have done if he hadn't sat down?

Unrelated matters:

The Jays are killing me in no small way.

I've gotten into playing chess again. I was decent as a kid, but I never cared to study it seriously at all and peaked in my teenage years. Now I'm approaching it with a more studious approach, studying openings, strategies, tactics, etc. There's too much to learn, and I can't see myself spending too much time on it, but I've started improving my game after years of neglect and it's kind of cool to see myself recognizing opportunities and traps that I wouldn't have in my younger days.

I love all this bullshit about "Don't be mad at the TTC workers, be friendly and polite and THANK them." Yeah, whatever, what they did Friday night/Saturday morning was complete crap. They knew full well what they were doing too, and of course people are rightfully pissed, so now we get to watch the union spin it and blabber about "miscommunication" and things being "unfortunate". If I see Bob Kinnear I should just punch him in the face.

But I should think happy thoughts. Pleasant thoughts. Soma thoughts. Sounds like a plan.
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