Chris (imrield) wrote,


I have not entirely forgotten this space

It's been a busy few weeks. Moving in has been a gradual process, but my relief has been tremendous. Living with my parents throughout school was very beneficial financially, but definitely not without its own costs.

Maybe the strangest thing about it all is that I feel ambition kindling for the first time in... I don't even remember the last time I felt really ambitious about anything. Perhaps it's the consequence of a realization that now self-direction is all there is.

I have learned something about myself! Whatever my eventual career in life becomes, it's going to be something that doesn't require me to be up before 9. I will take significantly lower pay to make this a reality. I have always hated mornings, and six months of getting up around 6-7 am has done absolutely nothing to make me enjoy it more. My creativity peaks around 10-12 pm and having to try to sleep through those hours is, frankly, total balls.

And now I go to bed, because I have to be up for 6:30.

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You could do the night shift for a security operation?
You can work my afternoons for me.
Ambition? Gasp! Aww, now I feel all alone in my ambitionless hole. Oh well, I don't have enough ambition to get out of it, I guess.

Haha, you said balls.


June 26 2007, 16:07:55 UTC 10 years ago

Chris "Total Balls" Hanney.
Yeah. Yeah, that's what the shirts will say.
SIR -- calling something balls, while sometimes ballsy, is not itself balls, but what are the epistemological consequences of this? Have I come to the right place?


August 11 2007, 20:34:29 UTC 10 years ago

You! Explain yourself!
What am I explaining, and to whom?!
To Andre, and stop stalling.