Chris (imrield) wrote,

I should be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to announce baseball games

You are in the broadcast booth for game 1 of the NLCS between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies. You have just watched Cole Hamels of the Phillies throw 7 innings of 2-run ball in which he has struck out 7 batters, the last 3 all in the same inning with the help of his devastating change up that is the best in baseball thrown by anyone not named Johan.

The 8th inning rolls around and Ryan Madsen enters the game as a relief pitcher for Philadelphia. He throws a change up for a strike. Your commentary is what?

Well, if you are Tim McCarver, you promptly say Madsen has the best change up on the Phillies.

Seriously, what the fuck? You just watched 7 innings of Philadelphia's best pitcher throwing the second-best change up in ALL OF BASEBALL, and you immediately say Ryan freaking Madsen has the best change up on the Phillies?

Maybe McCarver was napping for the first seven innings. In the future it would be nice if he napped for all nine of them.
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I would watch you commenting on baseball.

If this post is of any indication, it would be pretty impressive.


October 11 2008, 00:10:05 UTC 9 years ago

Haha. I've missed you.

I like how they were all NO HITTER NO HITTER NO HITTER today. I don't think it jinxed Dice-K though 'cause he was doomed anyway. It's hard to pitch a no hitter when you have to go 9 innings, or 1,384,284 pitches in Dice-K land.