Chris (imrield) wrote,

Damn yo

Fella be tired after a while.

I spoke on the phone to a dude in Nunavut. It was bizarre. Then he told me that I should probably call their Montreal office. Which I did, and THEY told me to call some guy in another area code, who I ended up having to email. In a very short span I was greeted:

1) In Inuktitut
2) In French
3) By voicemail
4) By text (when the dude emailed me back... from his blackberry. Thanks for answering your phone dude.)

I guess it's not really that interesting, but at the time it seemed pretty novel.

Oh, and apparently in Newfoundland they pronounce URL as "erl", all one word. I think I sort of love Newfoundland?

Oh, and I'm back on coffee. My mornings have never been better. My evenings are falling apart.
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